Agadir™ Argan Oil Hair Treatment

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Agadir™ Argan Oil Hair Treatment

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    maximizing the vibrancy of colour-treated hair.

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    What it is - Styling foam infused with powerful polymer technology and hair strengthening sea botanicals for firm hold and lasting structure.

    Why you should use it - Ideal for making fine, thin hair appear thicker and fuller. To create styles when extreme hold and firmness is required. Stays firm until shampooed out.

    When to use it - Use on wet hair as a styling or setting foam to create maximum fullness and lift. Use on dry hair to create random texture and separation.

    How much to use - Start with a small amount (one or two pumps) and re-apply as needed depending on the thickness of the hair and the amount of volume and hold desired.

    How to use it - Only apply to the section about to be blow dried because the product dries quickly. Continue re-applying to individual sections while creating the style. For texture on dry hair, apply one pump of foam into the palm and emulsify thoroughly. Run the product through the hair to encourage hair to flow in the desired direction . Reapply as needed.

    Available Size 7 fl oz.


Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment (formerly known as Moroccan Gold) is the latest buzz and hottest product the professional hair care segment has seen in years. It's unique formula is based on one of the most rarest oils in the world. This oil is know as Argan Oil or Argania Spinosa Which is native to Morocco. It is 100% pure and natural. This amazing leave in treatment provides hair with a soft, silky feel and brilliant shine. Instantly penetrates, moisturizes and shines Conditions, corrects frizzes, humidity resistant Dry and light, not oily or greasy and there is no build up! Reduces drying time by approximately 40% to 50% Ideal for ALL hair types Totally ALCOHOL FREE!

Leave in, daily hair treatment that's super enriched with vitamin E. Leaves hair with radiant shine!

Contains 100% pure and certified Argan oil.
Repairs, softens and strengthens dry, brittle, frizzy,
overworked hair
Not oily or greasy and there's no buildup to make your hair
heavy and flat
Reduces drying time (40-50%)
Alcohol free formula
Nourishes and eliminates dry, itchy scalp
Encourages healthier, hair growth
Great hair control and manageability

Available size: 4oz.


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