BODY UP PRO BRUSH SYSTEM Medium Size Brush Heads

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BODY UP PRO BRUSH SYSTEM Medium Size Brush Heads

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1.00 oz
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  • ENJOY Leave-in Conditioner

    ENJOY Leave-in Conditioner

    Product Overview

    pH 4.0 – 4.5

    Recommended for all hair types. This product gives the hair “extra” moisture, detangling, and protection. Leave in or rinse out. Excellent for softness and frizz control. Longer lasting color.

    Tip: May be applied to skin as a moisturizer. Excellent for shaving.

    Available Size 10oz

    ENJOY PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE has done a complete revision of their product line as far as labeling goes. We are un-sure at this time if any chemical compounds have been changed or UPC/SKU’s have been changed. As of now the products with older labeling are no longer being sent to us by the distributors. When we get the products we will compare and post notes up on the product(s) in question.

    Whatever stock levels we have left is what we have. Due to Inventory Levels being low on some of these RARE products, 1 to 2, you may want to call us, (941) 312-5673, before you order to make sure we have the item in stock. You also may want to read OUR RETURN POLICY Thanks...



    Osis sparkler shine spray is designed to lightly detangle hair without overburdening, while providing your hair with the ultimate finish.
    Detangling aid.
    Instant light finish.
    Light conditioning.
    Non overburdening.
    Spray over dry hair in short bursts. To help detangling thick course hair, spray into damp hair.

    Available size 7.6 oz.


    Marrakesh Brush Up is a conditioning shine spray that is perfect for on-the-run touch ups. The versatile formula with Argan Oil is alcohol-free and ultra light, so it won't weigh your hair down. Just a couple spritzes is enough to give you a beautiful shine and, when brushed in, stimulate the scalp.

    Available Size 3 fl.oz.

3 Medium Size Brush Heads and 3 Extra Clips.

Features: Easy to use at home or on the go ,reduce frizz,& promotes shine while you style , more dramatic results from layered hair , perfect for quick & easy touch-ups
Easy to use ,saves space very compact to travel with.

You can use on longer hair without haveing to take the brushes out till they have cooled a little , which keeps the curl in longer Each roller barrel is crafted with space-age materials , long lasting boar & acrylic bristles to safely reduce static.

Does not include Brush Handle.