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    Ideal for all hair colors, this invisible dry shampoo cleanses and refreshes the hair without leaving a heavy residue feeling. Natural ingredients absorb excess oils, impurities and odors leaving hair fresh. Conditioning agents care for the scalp while UV protectants help extend the life of your

    Absorbs excess oil and refreshes hair to extend the time between shampoos and blowouts.
    Sprays clear, even on dark hair without a heavy residue feeling.
    Provides UV protection to shield hair color from fading while maintaining hair’s c

    Shake well. Hold can 6-8” away from head and spray onto scalp and hair. Allow to dry before working product through with your fingers. Brush and style as usual.

    Available Size 4.50z / 185ml


    Slips and fixes…gives body, elasticity and definition to all hair types. To be used as a modeling pre–brushing gel for straight or curly hair. Leaves your hair defined, shiny and vital.

    With guarana & organic extracts. Antistatic and high-tech polymers define every hair type with a memory effect, adding softness and shine and eliminating static electricity. Hydrating agents maintain the balanced hydration of the hair shaft and make it resistant to humidity, eliminating frizz. Conditioning agents add softness and brightness, favoring comb-ability and eliminating static electricity, thanks to their filming effect. Filming and fixative polymers favor the formation and duration of any styling, with a flexible hold.

    Suggestions of use: apply on clean, damp hair, then style.

    Available size: 7.6 oz.
  • Shuga Shampoo RECURRING SUBSCIPRTION 1/1month

    Shuga Shampoo RECURRING SUBSCIPRTION 1/1month

    Shuga Shampoo is a Gentle, Sulfate Free shampoo especially made for Color Treated Hair. Incorporating nanoscale ingredients to infuse hair with Milk and Plant Sugars, Amino Acids and AntiOxidants, and Yogurt Proteins. Experience the difference Shuga makes with the appearance of your hair!

    Available Size 8.0 oz and 2.0 oz

    This specific listing of this product is based on a subscription payment model. By purchasing this item you agree to recurring charges to your debit/credit card at an interval displayed the listing title and desciption, in the amount of the initial purchase, including shipping. We offer subscription options on various products. If interested please use search term "subscription" in the search bar above. We are also able to create custom subscriptions on any of our products at various payment intervals. You may buy multiple subscription items at one time. In this case the item's prices are combined and your debit/credit card will be charged the same recurring fee at the specified interval. If your subscription total is over $50 your order qualifies for free shipping and will continue to receive free shipping for the life of the subscription. Cancellation is as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. (941)312-5673 |

    Payment Interval: ONCE EVERY MONTH

This 100% vegan next-generation super-charged detoxifier is the ultimate rehab for color-treated hair. Special ingredients, including baking soda and Vitamins C and E, very gently cleanse and deodorize hair while removing dulling build-up, but without stripping color. Leaves hair feeling amazingly clean, soft, touchable and weightless, unlike any clarifying shampoo you've ever used and all without the use of sulfates, salts or gluten. Unleash your shiniest, most vibrant color ever.

Available Size 10.1 oz.


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