ENJOY Hydrating Conditioner

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ENJOY Hydrating Conditioner

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  • Paul Mitchell Slick Works®

    Paul Mitchell Slick Works®

    Texture and Shine

    Basics: Enhances texture and creates definition.

    Benefits: Leaves hair noticeably shiny.

    Bonus: It’s super lightweight, making it ideal for finishing dry hair.

    Algae, aloe, jojoba, henna and rosemary
    enhance shine.
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    This lightweight formula smooths and refines hair while taming frizz and providing subtle hold. It offers protection from heat, leaving hair with a soft, satin finish. It is free of parabens, gluten, and is vegan friendly. Argan and jojoba oils smooth the hair while building body. Bamboo, Green Tea, and Sunflower extracts provide antioxidants, strengthen hair, prevent breakage and protect against heat styling.

    Available Size 5.3 oz.


    What it is - Revolutionary, ultra-light emollient formula creates texture, definition, separation and shine with fluidity with the grip of a wax and flexibility of a pomade. The right balance between hold and slip delivers half the hold of Transforming Paste. Perfect for short to medium length styles.

    Why you should use it - Excellent for creating weightless randomness, definition and separation. Creates tousled texture with brilliant gloss.

    When to use it - Use immediately after blow-drying with an Aquage styling product to soften, loosen and create texture. May be used on wet hair to build-in texture and shine on shorter styles; then allow hair to dry naturally.

    How much to use - Apply in pea-sized increments and thoroughly emulsify the product in the palms and between the fingers before applying to the hair. Re-apply as needed based on the length, thickness and texture of the hair.

    How to use it - Apply a pea-sized amount to palm and thoroughly emulsify in hands and between fingers before applying to hair. Run the fingers through the hair from roots to ends moving the strands in the desired direction and flow. If more product is needed, re-apply, but always in pea-sized amounts to avoid build-up in one spot. To increase the level of randomness and texture within the style, flip the head upside down and use the blow dryer set on high heat and high airflow, using a random blowing pattern.

    Available Size 3.1 oz / 88 g


Product Overview:

pH 3.5 – 4.5
Create smoothness, softness and shine while eliminating frizz and detangling your hair. Color Safe for all hair types.

Usage Tip
For best results, comb or brush this product through the hair before rinsing.


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