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Keratin Express is truly a hair care treatment company. Our company is always researching and coming up with real world solutions to solve the complexities of the hair.

Our products are for clients that need real results not just hope in a bottle. If you are a person who has perfectly healthy, virgin-like hair and receives all the results they need from basic hair care, then the reality is, you don't need us. But if you are like the majority, and are faced with serious hair issues, we know we are the solution. Again, we are not hope in a bottle. We provide real results for real hair problems.

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    Keratin Express Shampoo is a gentle, yet luxurious color-safe shampoo for all hair types. It is a sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free formula that is gentle enough for daily use. Trametes Versicolor Extract releases natural enzymes to link Hydrolized Keratin to the most porous parts of the hair, helping to maintain a natural balance of proteins. Its anti-oxidant properties help prevent color fading. Panthenol helps add shine and maintains moisture balance throughout the day.
    • Extends hair color & Keratin Treatments
    • Protects against heat & harsh environmental stress
    • Anti-static ingredients ensure healthy, silky, shiny hair
    • Generous, rich lather & clean-rinse formula
    • Gentle enough for daily use
    • For best results, follow with Keratin Express Daily Conditioner or Daily Keratin

    Available Size: 10.0 OZ



    Keratin Express Conditioner is a luxurious, color-safe, every day conditioner. It helps restore the natural balance of protein and moisture in your hair. Trametes Versicolor Extract releases natural enzymes to link Hydrolized Keratin to the most porous parts of the hair. Keratin Oil adds shine and helps maintain moisture balance while repelling humidity. Anti-static properties help prevent color fading. Weightless, clean-rinse formula.

    Available Size: 10.0 oz.



    Smooth, shiny frizz-free hair, every day!

    Smooth, condition and strengthen your hair with Daily Keratin! This amazing product eliminates frizz, repels humidity, maintains moisture in dry climates, locks in color and protects hair from the harsh environment. Daily Keratin will also dramatically speed up blow-dry, flat-iron and overall finishing time. Daily Keratin is the ultimate home-use treatment; your hair will feel like never before!

    Use Daily Keratin every time you shampoo to ensure soft, silky, shiny hair! If you are an in-salon Keratin Treatment client, your treatment will last longer with regular use of Daily Keratin. Daily Keratin is compatible with ALL Keratin Treatments!

    To use:
    • Shampoo, then towel dry.
    • Place a dime-size amount of Daily Keratin into your hands then apply through hair evenly. Add more if necessary for over-all coverage. Don’t over-use – a little goes a long way!
    • Using a blow dryer, dry Daily Keratin into the hair completely on medium to high heat.

    Finish as desired, using a flat iron for a smooth, sleek look or a curling iron or round brush to maintain curls, wave and texture.

    Available Size:
    2.0 o.
    6.0 oz.