LISA RACHEL Conditioner & Cleanser For Color Treated Hair with Jojoba & Chamomile

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LISA RACHEL Conditioner & Cleanser For Color Treated Hair with Jojoba & Chamomile

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  • ENJOY Leave-in Conditioner

    ENJOY Leave-in Conditioner

    Product Overview

    pH 4.0 – 4.5

    Recommended for all hair types. This product gives the hair “extra” moisture, detangling, and protection. Leave in or rinse out. Excellent for softness and frizz control. Longer lasting color.

    Tip: May be applied to skin as a moisturizer. Excellent for shaving.

    Available Size 10oz

    ENJOY PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE has done a complete revision of their product line as far as labeling goes. We are un-sure at this time if any chemical compounds have been changed or UPC/SKU’s have been changed. As of now the products with older labeling are no longer being sent to us by the distributors. When we get the products we will compare and post notes up on the product(s) in question.

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    No Inhibition silkening milk gives to the hair an extreme brilliance and thanks to its polishing effect, it guarantees long-lasting softness. It leaves hair silky and shiny starting from the first application. It simplifies the blow-dry session and prolong the hold of a hairstyle. Suitable for all types of hair.

    Suggestions of use: apply on clean and damp hair and proceed with the desired styling.

    Available size: 4.7 oz.
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    Redken's newest line for men. Redken Brews Barber Essentials. Wax Pomade. Mild Control/Shine finish.

Lisa Rachel Conditioner & Cleanser for Color Treated Hair with Jojoba and Chamomile. Infused with Jojoba Oil and Chamomile extracts to extend the life of color treated hair. Cleanses and conditions hair without dulling or fading color. Revitalizes hair and enhances shine while preserving color intensity. Contains no sulfates or harsh ingredients that can strip hair of natural oils. Leaves hair cleansed with fabulous sheen and manageability. One product does it all. Available Size 12 oz.