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  • Paul Mitchell Moisture Awapuhi Bar®

    Paul Mitchell Moisture Awapuhi Bar®

    Hydrating Body Bar

    Basics: Gently cleanses and hydrates thirsty skin.

    Benefits: Helps soothe sensitive skin.

    Bonus: It’s ideal when you’re on-the-go—toss it in your gym bag or carry-on.

    Hawaiian awapuhi imparts rich moisture.
    Natural-milled vegetable bar provides gentle cleansing.

    Available Size 5.3 oz.
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  • Redken Extreme- Hair Strengthening Shampoo

    Redken Extreme- Hair Strengthening Shampoo

    Hair strengthening shampoo for damaged hair and split ends strengthens weakened hair. Extreme hair strengthening shampoo uses our Fortifying Complex to restore and repair hair while protecting hair's natural shine.
    Product Benefits
    Strengthen hair for reduced damage and split ends. Protein enriched formulas cleanse, strengthen and restore weakened hair. Reduces breakage by 75%*
  • ENJOY Creamy Pomade

    ENJOY Creamy Pomade

    Enjoy Creamy Pomade gives a non-greasy, moveable soft texture with a soft hold.

    Available Size 2.1 oz/100g

    ENJOY PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE has done a complete revision of their product line as far as labeling goes. We are un-sure at this time if any chemical compounds have been changed or UPC/SKU’s have been changed. As of now the products with older labeling are no longer being sent to us by the distributors. When we get the products we will compare and post notes up on the product(s) in question.

    Whatever stock levels we have left is what we have. Due to Inventory Levels being low on some of these RARE products, 1 to 2, you may want to call us, (941) 312-5673, before you order to make sure we have the item in stock. You also may want to read OUR RETURN POLICY Thanks...


Protects from UV rays; repairs all hair types; protects and maintains color; protects from heat; detangles; maintains hairstyle; gives shine; adds body and volume; controls frizz; prevents split ends; helps straightening; smooths the cuticle. Made with organic muru muru butter, glycolic fruit extracts (blackcurrant, raspberry, papaya and mango) and milk proteins.

Milkshake Incredible Milk is a leave-in conditioning treatment for all hair types, it’s fantastic! You get 12 great effects in one bottle. Incredible milk will transform your hair. It contains natural ingredients, including organic Muru Muru.

12 Incredible EFFECTS
Repairs ALL hair types
Frizz Control
Prevents split ends
Heat protection
Long lasting hairstyle
Incredibly detangling
Magnificent shine
Adds Body & Volume
Easier Ironing
Protects and maintains color
Protects from UV rays
Smooths the cuticle

How to use incredible milk:
Apply Milkshake Incredible Milk directly to towel dried hair using the spray applicator.
Distribute as required.
Proceed with the desired styling

Available size 5.1 oz.


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