NAILTIQUES Hand Conditioner

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NAILTIQUES Hand Conditioner

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    it's a 10 Miracle Dry Oil Spray Plus Keratin

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    Available Size 6.5oz
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    Low-lathering to gently cleanse hair

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Nailtiques Hand Conditioner is a highly concentrated combination of pure aloe and jojoba oils that rehydrates and conditions the hand and cuticle area. This nourishing crème has been formulated to soften cuticles and skin without softening the nails.

This lightweight, non-greasy, fast absorbing hand crème is formulated to rehydrate and condition the hands and cuticles, softening the skin but not the nails.

Apply a small amount to hands, pushing back the cuticles with fingertips while massaging until completely absorbed. May be used several times during the day for conditioning the cuticles and hands.

Available Size 4 oz.


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