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  • Paul Mitchell Re-Works®

    Paul Mitchell Re-Works®

    Texture Cream

    Basics: Creates clean, moveable texture.

    Benefits: Bendable formula allows for easy restyling.

    Bonus: Can be used on wet hair for a natural finish or on dry hair for bold texture.

    Wheat-derived conditioners create pliable texture.

    Available Size 5.1 oz.
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    Ensure the success of your service with this preparatory perm treatment that effectively removes pesky perm solution blockers, including medication and hard water minerals that hinder texturizing services and cramp your style.

    Formulated with a patented, vitamin crystals complex that activates into an antioxidant-rich gel
    powerful antioxidants help promote healthy hair and scalp
    enhanced with moisture-binding nutrients plus a pH acidifier
    100% Vegan, food-grade, wellness ingredients
    free of preservatives, parabens, propylene glycol, DEA, gluten, fragrance and no sodium chloride (salt) added

    Available Size: 1 Packets 5g
  • Osis+ Slick Flattening Liquid

    Osis+ Slick Flattening Liquid

    Osis+ Slick Flattening Liquid is an all in one flattening, moisturizing and smoothing liquid that will keep your hair looking great.

    8.69 oz - 2 Left, Then There is no more as this product has been discontinued.

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Rub and play… very versatile sticky paste that builds and models every hairstyle.

With guarana & organic extracts. High quality ingredients create a film around the hair and give it a stronger hold, making it conditioned and elastic. Emollient and hydrating agents reduce the electrostatic effect on the hair.

Suggestions of use: take a small quantity of product, massage it in your hands and apply on wet or dry hair, then model.

Available size: 2.5 oz.


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