Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Hair Treatment

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Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Hair Treatment

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  • REDKEN Go Clean Daily Care Moisturizing Shampoo for Men

    REDKEN Go Clean Daily Care Moisturizing Shampoo for Men

    Daily care moisturizing shampoo for men, gently cleanses and eliminates dirt. Its advanced formula contains protein and glycerine for stronger and brighter hair.


    This hair conditioner is a luxurious restorative hair treatment agent. It removes stress from the hair, strengthen hair and leaves hair silky-soft.
    Safe for color treated hair
    Especially for damaged hair
    A Closer Look: Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner significantly formulated which works wonder on dry and rough hair. Give an improved conditioning to your hair for healthy and fresh look.
  • 12 Benefits Pink Addiction

    12 Benefits Pink Addiction

    12 Benefits Pink Addiction Keratin and Argan Restorative Cream is made with 7 different ingredients to provide your hair with a variety of different benefits. Pink Addiction should to be used on damp or dry hair and is generally applied during styling and blowdrying.

    Some of the main benefits of this product are its ability to replenish keratin in your hair. Keratin is a protein that protects cells from stress or damage that could result in those cells death. By Protecting these cells with keratin it allows them to stay alive and healthy and helps your hair maintain its natural vibrancy.

    Another main ingredient of Pink Addiction is Moroccan Argan oil that is used to nourish dry hair and is great for the scalp. Another property of argan oil is its ability to make hair very soft and shiny giving it a well maintained and well groomed appearance. All of these ingredients combined give you the perfect anti aging, hair health focused product that will leave you wanting more every time you apply it!

    Ingredients Include:Aqua (deionized water), Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cyclopentylsiloxance, Dimethacon, Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, Argania Spinosa (argan) Oil, and Parfum (fragrance).

    Directions: 1-2 Pumps should be used depending on hair length. 1 Pump for shorter hair and 2 pumps for longer hair. Should be used on damp hair and then blown out or dried naturally. Can be applied by rubbing product together in hands and spread evenly throughout your hair.

    1.70 ounces

Get to the core of dry, damaged hair. Awapuhi extract replenishes every strand with intense moisture and shine. Keratriplex, an exclusive blend of keratin protein, rebuilds. And repairs to transform lackluster hair. Ideal for color-treated and chemically processed hair.Concentrated keratriplex keratin and awapuhi extract offer intense strengthening, moisture and shine to transform damaged, lackluster hair. To be used as step two when applying keratriplex treatment or alone as a one-step treatment. John Paul Mitchell systems does not conduct nor endorse animal testing.


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