Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost®

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Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost®

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  • PAUL MITCHELL Super Skinny Relaxing Balm

    PAUL MITCHELL Super Skinny Relaxing Balm

    Smooths and controls hair.

    Benefits: Helps hair dry faster, fights frizz and delivers incredible memory.

    Bonus: Leaves even the most rebellious locks shiny and manageable.

    Details: Our exclusive Super Skinny® Complex displaces water and constricts hair to speed up drying and styling.
    Wheat and vegetable proteins combined with conditioning ingredients moisturize hair from within.
    A unique, humidity-resistant ingredient provides memory that lasts in any weather.

    Available Size 6.8oz
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  • Paul Mitchell Original Awapuhi Shampoo

    Paul Mitchell Original Awapuhi Shampoo

    A rich lather thoroughly cleanses any hair type.

    Benefits: Helps balance moisture and add volume.

    Bonus: Multitasks as a luxurious body wash.

    Details: Hawaiian awapuhi helps prevent moisture loss.
    Special conditioners help improve hair texture.
    Color-safe formula
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    What it is - A gentle, luxurious shampoo that prevents haircolor fade and thermal styling damage. Dual color protection that restores hair to its ultimate condition and protects hair against thermal styling damage. SeaExtend formula seals color in – an intensive blend of sea botanicals seals the cuticle and locks in color molecules preventing “wash out” to maintain longer haircolor results. SeaExtend Thermal-V™ Technology seals heat out – a sea-derived, enzymatic complex attaches deep within the hair shaft forming a heat-activated shield to prevent thermal styling damage.

    Why you should use it - Concentrated bubbles and luxurious moisturizing lather for ultimate shampoo experience. Organic bio-actives extracted from nutrient-rich algae restore flexibility, strength and resiliency. Algaeplex® sea botanicals and Algasilk™ penetrate to restore color-treated hair to optimum health with extraordinary shine and feel. UVA/UVB sunscreens prevent fading and environmental damage to help maintain haircolor vibrancy longer.

    When to use it - Following all haircolor services to prevent fading.

    How much to use - A nickel-sized amount.

    How to use it - Apply to wet hair, move the hands throughout the entire head and gently massage the hair and scalp evenly. Rinse thoroughly, repeat if desired, follow with Aquage SeaExtend® Silkening Conditioner.

    Available Size 33.8 fl oz.


Root Lifter

Basics: Gives fine hair a boost of volume at the roots.

Benefits: Helps protect hair from damage caused by heat styling.

Bonus: Precision sprayer delivers extra “oomph” right where you need it.

Panthenol protects fragile strands and adds volume.


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