Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray®

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Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray®

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  • Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Gel®

    Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Gel®

    Thickening Gel

    Basics: Pumps up the volume and provides flexible hold for fine hair.

    Benefits: Creates brush-through body without stickiness or flaking.

    Bonus: Makes locks shiny and manageable.

    Flexible, thickening and body-building ingredients create fullness and manageability.
    Aloe, henna, jojoba and rosemary add intense shine.
    Call Now! To Order From Our Store… (941) 312-5673
  • REDKEN Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray

    REDKEN Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray

    Strong hold finishing spray with ultimate strength, lasting lift, shape memory and frizz-free shine. ANTI HUMIDITY finishing spray, now with a fresh new scent !

    24 hour HUMIDITY RESISTANCE and 8 hour control. Contains exclusive Shine-Charged Technology to ignite shine and lock out humidity
    Ultra fast-drying, water-free formula
    Provides lasting lift, maximum control and shape memory
    Clean, brushable, touchable hold with a clean, shiny finish
    Delivers a frizz-free shiny finish
    Anti-static, no-flaking, no residue
    Can be layered for increased control up to two levels

    Available Size 11 oz.


    What it is - A highly-emollient styling creme that moisturizes strands as it creates soft, silky diffused curls without frizz.

    Why you should use it - Eliminates frizz on naturally curly or permed hair. Defines strands while keeping curls soft, silky and pliable.

    When to use it - Apply to freshly shampooed, evenly wet hair.

    How much to use - Apply in quarter-sized amounts. On curly hair, there is no such thing as too much product, customers usually do not apply enough.

    How to use it - Emulsify product in palms and between your fingers before applying to the hair. Thoroughly saturate each strand for ultimate definition and control. Run fingers through the hair to evaluate product coverage and reapply as needed. Comb through evenly from roots to ends with a fine-tooth comb to achieve even product distribution. Afterward, use a large-tooth comb to create the level of strand definition desired. When the ideal level of definition has been achieved, dry hair using a blow dryer fitted with a cup-style diffuser until all of the curls are dry. Avoid touching or scrunching strands while drying to avoid creating frizz. Wait until the hair is completely dry before touching it with your fingers.

    Available Size 6 fl oz


Volume and Shine

Basics: Fights frizz, adds shine and secures hard-to-hold hair.

Benefits: Provides a bodifying boost so hair looks and feels thicker.

Bonus: Dries instantly without flaking or stickiness.

Panthenol and hydrolyzed wheat protein build body


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