Paul Mitchell Super Clean Sculpting Gel®

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Paul Mitchell Super Clean Sculpting Gel®

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  • Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt™

    Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt™

    Quick-Drying Styling Glaze

    Basics: Provides flexible control and long-lasting memory.

    Benefits: Adds body and maximizes shine.

    Bonus: Dries fast so you get the results you want in less time.

    Conditioning bodifying agents and panthenol add volume and memory.
    Call Now! To Order From Our Store… (941) 312-5673
  • SCHWARZKOPF BC Bonacure Repair Rescue conditioner

    SCHWARZKOPF BC Bonacure Repair Rescue conditioner

    SCHWARZKOPF BC BONICURE Repair Rescue Conditioner For Damaged Hair The First Biomimetic Hair Repair Technology For 100% Healthy Hair Surface BC Repair Rescue revolutionises hair care with the FIRST Biomimetic hair repair technology. BC Repair Rescue not only repairs the cells within the hair but also recreates the hair surface Biomimetically; for hair returned to its optimal level of health. BC Repair Rescue; for a 100% Healthy hair surface, down to every last strand



    Tame it, tease it, and finish it off. A.M or P.M hold.

    Protects and adds a natural shine. Hair Spray superfirm is extra firm for teasing, taming and finishing off any look. Its color-safe, gluten-free and paba-free formula provides additional protection. It’s also spiked with My Indie Complex (MIX), a custom blend that contains quinoa, soybean, sunflower extract, moisture binding saccharides and keratin protein. Together these ingredients work to give blah hair the strength, moisture, extra shine or whatever it needs to bounce back.

    For lasting shine and a.m. - p.m. hold - get a hold of yourself with INDIE HAIR Hair Spray.

    9.1 oz

Maximum Control

Basics: Provides maximum control for hard-to-hold styles.

Benefits: Delivers high shine and bold texture.

Bonus: Works great for wet or dry looks.

Firm-holding styling ingredients lock in any look.
Algae, aloe, jojoba, henna and rosemary
intensify shine


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