Shuga Hairspray

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Shuga Hairspray

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  • Shuga Leave-in Conditioner

    Shuga Leave-in Conditioner

    Makes You and Your Hair Happy AND SILKY
    Vitamins A, C, and E - antioxidants resist free radicals that prematurely age hair.
    Non-silicone aerosol conditioner, de-tangler for dry or wet hair.
    Formulated for multi-porosity hair – naturally or chemically highlighted.

    8.0 oz.
  • Shuga Directional Volumizing Mousse

    Shuga Directional Volumizing Mousse

    UVB Protection in a Medium Weight Mousse, use on Curly or Straight Hair. Protects, Nourishes, and Restores Hair using Nanotechnology Amino Acids & Anti-Aging Antioxidants.

    Available Size 10.0 oz.
  • Shuga Stay Creme

    Shuga Stay Creme

    UVB Protection and Control for Great looking Hair. Nanotechnology with Yogurt Proteins, Vitamins A,C, & E plus AntiOxidants.

    Available Size 3.oz


Love at First Spray.

55% VOC Aerosol - Environment friendly.
Layer with Leave-In to achieve– Soft , Light, Medium, Hard.
Water-soluble, non-tacky, pro-shine polish.

9.0 oz.


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