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  • Shuga Shampoo

    Shuga Shampoo

    Shuga Shampoo is a Gentle, Sulfate Free shampoo especially made for Color Treated Hair. Incorporating nanoscale ingredients to infuse hair with Milk and Plant Sugars, Amino Acids and AntiOxidants, and Yogurt Proteins. Experience the difference Shuga makes with the appearance of your hair!

    Available Size 8.0 oz and 2.0 oz
  • Shuga Leave-in Conditioner

    Shuga Leave-in Conditioner

    Makes You and Your Hair Happy AND SILKY
    Vitamins A, C, and E - antioxidants resist free radicals that prematurely age hair.
    Non-silicone aerosol conditioner, de-tangler for dry or wet hair.
    Formulated for multi-porosity hair – naturally or chemically highlighted.

    8.0 oz.
  • Shuga Gel Creme

    Shuga Gel Creme

    Get Great Longer Lasting Style with Shuga Gel Creme. Cocktail with Your other Styling Products.

    Available Size 8.0 oz.

Swurl is Like having a liquid flatiron and curling iron in one concentrated product. Make smooth and subtle curls.
Combines broccoli oil for smoothing + natural gel for subtle hold.A great Non-Silicone Smoothing Gel.

Available Size 7 oz.


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