My amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo
My Amazing Hair Secrets

My amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo

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A daily color-safe shampoo that helps cut your blow dry time for faster, stress-free styling! A unique shampoo designed to speed up moisture evaporation to minimize blow drying time and protect hair from damage caused by prolonged exposure to heat. Formulated using our VCOH Technology based on Fractional Coconut Oil and its resulting Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrosol. Their low molecular weight creates a superior dispersion throughout the hair for faster and more thorough water evaporation that results in a remarkably fast blowout with a luxurious silky shine. The fractionated oil and its hydrosol distillate are loaded with fast-penetrating and highly concentrated anti-oxidants that nourish hair, impart softness and shine, with natural UV protection. The results... beautiful, silky bouncy hair in half the time!

Size: 10.1 oz

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