Osis Fiber Light Texture Fiber Fluid

Osis Fiber Light Texture Fiber Fluid

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 a fibrous fluid that creates weightless, elastic definition.
The light texture of the fluid is made up of airy fibers that allow for perfect style control without overburdening the hair. This allows for a limitless restyling and moldable definition with a feather light touch that keeps hair looking healthy and natural. The main component of Fiber Light is a soft polymer that provides a cocoon-like wrap around the hair shaft for an invisible hold. An infusion of Shea Butter smooths and softens the hair, making for a silky finish that lasts. Infused with shea butter this OSiS Fiber Light fluid softens the hair and leaves a silky finish that lasts all day. Don’t compromise on your style!

Size: 1.7 oz

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